We make large, private lending opportunities available to individuals and companies who want to diversify their portfolios to include real property.

Real estate investments can be intimidating due to their complexity and because a single piece of property can necessitate a large amount of investing resources. Even though the upside might be significant, a lot of time, energy, and know-how are required to manage these ventures, especially when transactions don’t go according to plan. Lenders that utilize PCG for their loan servicing needs often find that there is little need to commit significant time and energy to take full advantage of ever-evolving real estate market opportunities.

Our team has been servicing real estate loans since 2005.

Our team of lending experts (including former brokers, Realtors, title officers and attorneys) has been servicing real estate loans and related transactions since 2005. While many competitors have fallen by the wayside due to intense shifts in the market, we have thrived through our ability to maintain consistent transaction flow, to protect our clients’ interests, and to adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Jared Lucero, President

  • Brett Boren, Underwriting

  • Jed Robinson, Deal Sourcing

  • Rick Griffin, Deal Sourcing

Our market niche.

We service loans secured by collateral with established equity. Preferred collateral includes income-producing commercial properties such as apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, hotels/motels, storage units, and industrial complexes. Foreclosed or distressed commercial and residential developments that may require improvements, construction, or rehabilitation are also commonly used as collateral.

We receive funding applications from across the nation, but strategically target specific, lender-friendly markets that provide the greatest security to our lenders. Knowing and understanding the risks inherent in a selected locale has been one of the primary factors for our success.

Interested in learning more?

To learn more about lending, contact us at contact@privatecapitalgroup.com or download our lender packet.